Verizon to Launch iPhone 4

It has been talked about, gossiped about, rumored and now, Verizon Wireless’s customer’s dreams have all come true. Verizon plans to launch the Apple iPhone under their network on February 10, 2011. CEO of Verizon Wireless, Lowell McAdam confirmed the news just a short while ago, also confirming that the first Apple iPhone used will be the iPhone 4 version.

On February third, Verizon users can pre-order their iPhone 4 for service on the tenth. There is talk of a large demand for this phone, since wants for an iPhone under Verizon antennas have been in effect since 2008. And it is no wonder the iPhone 4 is so extremely popular, even at a cost of around two hundred US dollars for the sixteen GB model. The thirty-two GB model is looking to run the consumer closer to three hundred US dollars.

The iPhone 4 is something to be discussed with its line up of hot new features. First, the iPhone 4 supports two cameras, with different views for each. This feature makes it easy to video chat with friends or family, or take amazing photographs to be stored in your phone, memory card, or to later be uploaded for image printing. With the hotspot wi-fi function, the user can also make those connected Skype or other internet calls wherever they go – not wherever service is available.

The iPhone 4 camera isn’t something to be written off either, with a pixel count of four times what it has been on iPhones prior to the iPhone 4 (five mega pixel). The retina display allows for pixels to not be seen by the naked eye, giving a crisp picture for photographs and reading text. Also with the camera, the iPhone 4 houses capabilities for HD video recording; including that of a LED flash. Want to catch your one year old son blowing out his birthday candles on tape? It is now as easy as the touch of a button for clear and high definition video recording. The video recording system also allows for editing of your favorite clips, allowing you to save or send only the portions you want to keep.

Verizon is having all new iPhone 4 users connect to a two-year agreement, but they are allowing their current customers to pre-purchase the phone, first. After February tenth, new members are allowed to sign up for their two-year agreement, and purchase the iPhone 4, thereafter. iphone 11 pro max

With iPhone applications, third-party applications, email, messaging, photography, music and more, the iPhone 4 is said to be a huge hit with Verizon followers. In still having the awesome iPhone features such as voice control and the touch screen, iPhone 4 was created for efficient living and easy communications. Mapping and GPS is no stranger to the iPhone 4, either. With the touch of a button, the iPhone 4 can become a GPS navigation system, giving you directions, up to date traffic forecasting and more. And even if at some point your device require iPhone repair, your information can be safely stored within the additional memory stick iPhone 4 holds. What can’t the iPhone 4 do? I suppose we will find out when the newest version of the iPhone is released.

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