Charity Insurance and How Your Charity Can Save Money

Charities, community groups and other not for profit organisations do amazing work which in the majority of cases benefit our local communities and indeed world in which we live. And much like other types of business, charities have suffered in recent times due to less money being given to charitable causes, falling donations of stock to charity shops and a general need for many people to cut costs. For this reason, many charities have ceased trading and those that remain are now having to reduce they amount they spend on services such as charity insurance.

The trouble some charities may face when looking to cut costs is that from certain insurance providers, they are quoted and sold an insurance policy that has not been designed specifically for charities, youth organisations or community groups. Whilst this may not necessarily be a big problem, it does sometimes mean they can end up with cover that they do not necessarily need or want. And as you can imagine, they end up paying for it. Another such problem is the insurance broker or insurance company the charities use might not really understand the charity sector. It is possible a charity will use their local broker but by doing so, they may risk not getting the expert advice from a broker who specialises in dealing with charities. homeless charity chelmsford

And it is by using a specialist charity insurance broker that charities could really benefit and make a sizeable saving on their charity liability insurance premiums. There are two main reasons for this and they are, firstly, the broker will understand the market and will be able to make expert, professional recommendations when it comes to the right cover and right policy. This could actually mean your charity could actually end up with more cover and better protection for less money.

The second reason how insurance for charities could be obtained for much less by using a specialist broker is that they often have facilities, cover and premiums that are simply unavailable from non specialist brokers. This means you could ring your local broker as well as a charities insurance specialist and get two completely different premiums even if the cover is exactly the same.

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